My Neck, My Back

Aside from the time I totaled my Maxima back in 2007, I have never been so physically sore in my life. A good night’s sleep seemed to aggravate the pain rather than dissolve it, as did a morning hot yoga class, followed by a desperate gulping of three Advil. Hours later I sit behind my familiar pastry counter wishing I had taken some kind of instruction in modeling for life-drawing sessions rather than resorting to my usual MO of diving headfirst into things. Regardless of the screams of agony emanating from my muscles, I had a fabulous time last night at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore. The crowd was mostly silent, as shy artists tend to be, but definitely appreciative, and the whole thing had a comfortable, warmly enveloping vibe. Though it took me a while to find ease in the postures (sounds a lot like yoga, eh?), I eventually found myself zoning out into the sound of pencils scraping on paper. I’d remind myself to take deep, even breaths, let my face relax into a smile, and, when in doubt, fixate on an unmoving point in the distance and think about my impending mini-vacation (just home to Jersey for five days, nothing extravagant). The pose schedule went something like this: 10 1-minute poses, 5 2-minute poses, break, 4 5-minute poses, break, 2 10-minute poses, break, 1 20-minute pose, break, 1 20-minute pose. In addition to getting paid, I was generously tipped by the audience, and I enjoyed many of the bartender’s graciously strong drinks. I also got a big kick out of helping to judge the contests (Best Incorporation of a bouncy castle? Best Incorporation of Cosplay? Best Incorporation of Richard Nixon?)! If I could change one thing about the evening (aside from the fact that I thought posing with my back arched and legs flung in the air was a solid decision), I’d get to see more of the artists’ work. Sigh. Guess I’ll just have to wait until the photos & submitted artwork are posted on the Dr. Sketchy’s WEBSITE……

Here’s one sketch submitted by Mike Hasson (I was in a bastardized version of my leprechaun costume):

What can I say? My derriere stole the show.

Anyway, things have been going swimmingly over in my little pond. I begin what I affectionately refer to as Arianna’s Strip Search 2010 tonight – I’ll be spending the better part of my evening doing a tour of some area clubs, mostly pastie bars that have been recommended to me by friends in the biz. My journey is half observation sans motive, half investigation for personal reasons. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to put down the pole, even though I’m pretty certain my mom threw herself down on the local church’s doorstep in gratitude after I told her I’d left the Russian. My exhibitionist streak, my constant desire to be in motion and in conversation, as well as the comfort I have with displaying my body are all players in the high stakes game of what-job-should-i-try-on-this-time. I’ll be making my trip with a trusted friend, and I will, of course, relay all of the juicy details. I wonder if an industry woman has ever written a comprehensive strip club guide before? For other women, perhaps? Hmm.

Also, as I mentioned before, I’ll be returning to my homeland (cough New Jersey cough, but don’t tell anyone!) for five or six days to reunite with some family and friends. A lot of family, actually – this Sunday marks my family reunion, with more Soprano lookalikes than you can shake a loaded pistol at. I’m going to have to get creative with my answers to all the familiar questions: “What are you doing now?” “Where do you work?” “What do you want to go to school for?” (Teaching yoga, volunteering for big gay organizations, and taking my clothes off! A yoga studio, a coffee shop, a sex toy store, and independently employed as a burlesque performer! Sex therapy and/or to teach inclusive, non-abstinence only sex education! Respectively.). How about a new church membership? Employment at a salon? Med school? Sad thing is, they’d never buy it.

Until next time…

Roma OUT!

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