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A few weeks ago, my tan lines and I went to Dark Odyssey Winter Fire. Photo by Najva Sol.

We were not disappointed.

After an unexpected canceling of Naked Girls Reading’s DC Valentine’s Day show (my lips have been reluctantly sealed; suffice to say you can blame a combination of censorship and poor communication), my partner and I discussed whether or not to pitch in effort to make anything resembling plans. We opted to buck conventional Hallmark-induced social norms yet still enjoy ourselves, and after a casual dinner out, we hopped in the car to check into our hotel for our third Dark Odyssey Winter Fire (DOWF) together (little did I know that they’d arranged for a lavish, romantic surprise upon our arrival – my life, it does not suck). I have a special place in my heart for DOWF. It was not only the first large-scale kink event I ever attended, but I’m a bit of a princess when I travel, and I adore hotels. When February rolls around, I look forward to overpacking (rolling suitcase, two garment bags, shoe bag, makeup toolbox, toy bag, laptop case, the lot of it), throwing on my highest heels, and spending the long weekend taking advantage of every single posh lodging amenity you can think of. Not to mention that this particular event may very well have been my last on the east coast (with airline prices continuing to rise, you never know). In short, I had one of the best weekends of my life, and, in fact, have yet to come down from my erotically-charged high. I was especially bowled over by the LGBT representation at this event – I hadn’t felt such a sense of loving, supportive, cohesive community in a good while.

I produced and performed in a fantastic variety show featuring the incredible talents of Johnny Blazes, Maria Bella, Gigi Holliday, Cherokee Rose, and Hot & Bothered.

I taught an amazing class with the incomparable Tina Horn on how to be a better partner and/or ally to sex workers called “Love The Whore You’re With.”

Hot for Teacher(s), photo by Najva Sol

And in my down time, just generally enjoyed the hell out of myself.

Photo by Najva Sol.

Sidenote: If you’re wondering why you never see NSFWish photos of my partner and I on my blog, it’s because they have a “real person” job (boo hiss!). As much as I’d love to out ALL of my lovers as the kinky perverts they are, alas, we have identities to protect! Children to save!

Anyway, get your hands out of your pants and listen to me.

My west coast departure date is fast approaching. As you may have been able to tell, I’ve been living the solid gold life (recently made easier by an Oakland job offer – nothing like a little security!). Just this past weekend I traveled to NYC to attend a CineKink film festival moderated by Tristan Taormino, complete with a panel of some of the most influential queer and feminist pornographers and performers in the country. In that same vein, I’m gearing up for an epic April road trip to crash the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto. For the past month I’ve been relaxing, dancing, writing, creating, cleansing, laughing, fucking, and having my way with the world. I’m certain that I haven’t been this happy in years. Oh, and you should come to this – it’ll be my last show with the DC chapter of Naked Girls Reading, and they even let me pick the theme!

Starring Cherokee Rose, Cherie Sweetbottom, Gigi Holliday, and yours' truly!

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