About Andre Shakti

Photograph by Bella Blush


“Andre Shakti” is the moniker I use for XXX adult entertainment purposes. It was chosen carefully, with intent: I wanted the name to reflect diversity, both in origin and gender expression, and to communicate a crucial element of my character. “Andre” is a masculine French name meaning “male, strength,” and “Shakti” is a feminine Indian name meaning “ability, strength.”

Why not “Roma Mafia”?

I began my performance career as a stripper and burlesque performer in 2008, and though I’ve since experimented within and adhered to other areas of the sex work industry, I want to continue to pay homage to my “roots” by not retiring the Roma Mafia brand. While I’m out as a sex worker to family, friends, and colleagues alike, and while I actually do see burlesque as sex work, I also see it as an art form, and for the time being, it’s important for me to make a distinction between the two. I desire to keep both identities separate but running parallel to each other – “kissing cousins”, if you will. I’ve found that the distinction also ensures ease when navigating online search engines (ie Looking to book me as a burlesque performer? When you type “Roma Mafia” in Google, you won’t be assaulted by “Andre Shakti” ‘s ass getting pounded in a lesbian BDSM gangbang! And vice versa.).

Where can I find your work as “Andre Shakti”?

I identify as a professional queer kinky switch. As a porn performer, cam girl, and professional domme/submissive, I specialize in receiving impact play (paddles, floggers, canes, fists), receiving and providing strap-on play, fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling, queening, and providing fitness-themed domination and humiliation (think “kinky personal trainer”!). I see clients in both the San Francisco and East Bay areas, and have exceptionally reasonable rates. Interested in booking a session? Contact me directly at ms.andre.shakti@gmail.com!

I shoot authentic, conscious, queer and BDSM pornography for Kink.com as well as selective small independent feminist and fetish companies.

I also cam live for KinkLive!

For exclusive shoot information, provocations, and spontaneous NSFW photos, follow me on Twitter at @andreshakti !

For XXX booking information, email me directly at ms.andre.shakti@gmail.com .

A link to my Amazon Wishlist can be found HERE.


“The Real L Word XXX: NYC Edition”, February 2013. Produced by Filly Films, Directed by Madison Young

Crash Pad Series Work:

Andre Shakti

This is so confusing! When I see you in real life, what am I supposed to call you?!

Thanks for asking! My pronouns are “she/her,” and my hard limits on name-calling in non-work spaces include the words “stupid,” “lazy,” “fat,” and “slave.” Otherwise, address me any way you please! If you see me in a bar, call me “Butterfly,” buy me a margarita, and recite “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost, I may even give you a lapdance.